Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jo Totes Millie Camera Bag Review

My quest to find the perfect camera bag has been on going for years. Usually the problem is that the bag is just too large/small for my needs, second is price. I'm just not willing to spend $300 on a bag, not going to happen ;) My perfect bag would be large enough to hold my camera w/ attached lens, phone, keys and a few misc items....on occasion I would like to have room to squeeze in a flash or extra lens. It would still need to be small enough to be comfortable carrying around a store, sitting under a restaurant table, etc. Basically I wanted a bag that I could take with me everywhere without drawing attention to "that crazy lady carrying around a suitcase in Hobby Lobby". I think other moms with DSLRs can sympathize with the issue of wanting to carry your "nice" camera for those spur of the moment photo ops but at the same time needing to have it compact for keeping up with kids or running errands. The Millie arrived today and I believe it may just be "the one".

Dimensions have it at almost 10" high, 11" wide and 4" deep. I've owned a Epiphanie Ginger, Shootsac, The Joy Bag "It" insert, a few different camera backpacks but the Millie's size seems to be spot on. Price is $87. Purchased on a Thursday and it arrived on the following Wednesday. Customer service was very prompt in replying to any emails. You'll also enjoy the website simplicity and minimalism.

Mine is in the color "Pewter", though I would have loved to have it in Bronze or Pink instead. It's faux leather and water resistant. Foam lined and comes with two dividers. You can wear it cross body or shorten the strap and wear it higher under your arm. Removable shoulder pad, two zipper pockets (on back and front).

The first thing I noticed is that my magnetic clasp was not underneath the bag. On the website and other reviews the snap was located on the bottom, mine snaps on the bottom front. Not sure if this is a new design and the website hasn't been updated yet? Regardless it does what it's intended to do which is keep the flap closed. The main compartment has a zipper so no worries of losing anything even if the flap opens.

Link to Jo Totes Millie bag:

I'm 5'3" average build and weight and this bag fits my size pretty well. It holds my Canon Mark ii with attached 50mm lens perfectly. Leaving space for a combination of items:

Combo 1: Camera w/ 50mm lens, sunglasses, Small bag of misc items (see photos), phone, keys w/ extra room for cf cards, battery etc.

Combo 2: Camera w/ 50mm lens, flash, extra lens (24-105 4.0 L lens), phone, keys, extra room for cf cards

Combo 3: Camera w/ 50mm lens, Small bag of misc items, Ruger .380 (yes, I pack heat whenever possible ;) ), phone, keys, cf cards.

Just a few examples of things I've had a chance to place in the bag and try out. Should give you an idea of capacity. I'm a simple girl in that I only need my keys and my phone (which has a credit card slot and serves as my wallet) and that's it. For those women who need lotions, checkbook wallet, nail files, a book, tablet, makeup etc....this might not be the size bag for you.

I think I've covered everything so on to the photos!

*I wasn't compensated for this review, nor was this bag sent to me for free to try. Just a Satisfied, Paying ;) customer who wanted to share a good product*






INSIDE (comes with two dividers but I just used one)

Camera and my misc stuff bag

Items in Bag, Hard to tell but there is still plenty of room to squeeze in more items if needed. My camera has a super long cross body strap attached and it fits in perfectly too.


  1. It's nice to see a real review instead of a compensated one ( bag). Now that you've had the bag a while how has the faux leather held up? Is it all worn out or still looks newish?

    1. It has held up nicely, no tears or snags and I'm not exactly gentle with bags. I'm actually looking to buy another one from them the Gracie in Mint when it comes out. But the Millie has been perfect as a daily bag. The only real issue I've noticed is that when you pack it full the flap won't stay shut...that's more my fault than Jo totes though since if I needed more room then I should have bought a bigger bag right? :)

    2. Thanks for the quick reply Jessie. I bought a $200 diaper bag with the faux leather in lieu of a Kelly Moore bag (still had too much baby gear to carry) this year and all the corners rubbed off. Now I'm ready for a real camera bag and am concerned with the wear of fake leather and really like the Jo Tote styles and prices. :)

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