Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mason Jar Lidded Cup using Grommets

Saw this DIY project on Pinterest and just had to give it a try!
Supplies Needed (where I bought mine):
Mason Jars (Cracker Barrel $3.47 each on sale)
Mason Jar Lids (Walmart pack of 12, $3.15)
Rubber Grommets (Lowes, in the "hard to find" drawers nail and screw section, I used size 9/16 OD x 1/4ID $1.04 for a 2 pack. Bring the straw you plan to use and measure by that)
Drill and large drill bit (a little larger than inner hole)
Metal cutters
Straws (Walmart, $2 bendy straw pack)
Sweet Iced Tea and a Covered Porch ;)

1. Drill hole in lid large enough for grommet to squeeze through
2. Clip off excess metal with metal cutters
3. Add grommet and test with straw. Make wider if straw won't fit through easily.

Very simple, hard part is getting all the supplies together. I have tested the Grommets in the dishwasher, so far so good.


  1. What a GREAT idea!! So creative!!

  2. Have you had any issues with the smell? Maybe it's just my grommets! :(

    1. No problems, I just clean under them real good, dry out immediately

  3. Where are you finding big jars with handles!?!?!? I literally have combed estate sales etc to find the few I have!


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