DIY Fabric Hair Rollers

By Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I have tried every hair curler you can imagine. Rag curls, headband curls, foam rollers, twist knots, just about any no heat overnight curls Pinterest has to offer. Rag curls just looked messy, headband worked alright as long as you didn't want the top half of your head curled, foam rollers make great curls but sleeping in them is a nightmare and twist knots just leave you with beach waves not curls.
(photos of my hair after sleeping in these rollers at bottom of post)

Well a few months ago I saw a tutorial for diy hair rollers (Craftster) and they reminded me of foam rollers but with no plastic they looked much more comfortable for sleeping in.

Today I made up a few using some scrap fabric. This is one of those crafts that is perfect for using up pieces of fabric that you can't find a use for, or extra buttons, all those bobbins full of different colored thread that you no longer have use for.

Begin by cutting your fabric into 4"x 9" strips. How many you'll need will depending on length and thickness of hair, but I made 28 just to be sure I'd have enough for me and my daughter. (Ignore my homely cutting mat, it has seen better days)

Fold in half (right sides facing together. Sew 4" down the long side

Take the short end that you began your first stitch on, fold it together like this and sew closed.

Here is what you should have, one short side stitched closed. Then sewn 4" down on the long side. The other half should be untouched.

Turn the fabric right side out. (I suggest sewing your button on now before stuffing, however you can just add it later too)

Stuff the 4" that you have sewn.

Sew the stuffed part closed.

Where you just sewed the stuffing you'll want a bunch in the hair roller (not sure why but all other tutorials showed this ;) ). You can either sew closed, then add a running stitch and pull the thread to bunch it together OR you can be lazy like I was scrunch the fabric together while sewing the stuffing closed. Works either way.

Now we need to sew the other end closed. Fold the short end edge down, then overlap both sides making sure all the unfinished edges are folded in. The goal is simply to get the fabric into a rectangle shape, doesn't have to be perfect.

This is the short end overlapping each other and all unfinished edges tucked in ready to be sewn.

Sew around all the edges.

Add a button hole

Cut opening in button hole.

The button stitched on the opposite end.


Ok now the photos that no woman likes to post online.......those sexy hair in rollers photos:

All I did was put a little mousse in slightly damp hair, slept in overnight. And I never woke up once because of the rollers, very comfortable. All of them stayed in too, nobody jumped ship with all my rolling around.

I pulled them out and ran my hands through hair just to blend it. Very satisfied with the curls. But next time I will probably either turn the curlers sideways or make them looser around my crown because I had a slight crinkle on the top of my head from the rollers :/ More of a user error than anything to do with the rollers.

Hair stayed curled most of the day but it would have done better with a bit of hairspray.