DIY Round Business Cards

By Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Want a simple & cheap way to get round business cards? Pick out a few sheets of scrapbook paper and a 2" round paper punch (or other size) from your local craft store. I used a metallic grey for my text side (so you could read it easily) and a sparkly polka dot for the back (I didn't use glitter paper because that would be just too messy, these sparkle but nothing rubs off). Design your business card in either Photoshop, Indesign, Word etc etc (make sure your text fits into the punch area). Print them out of your printer, punch into circles. Modge Podge the backs onto the fronts. Place under heavy book or other object so they'll dry flat.

Cost: $18.50 for 360 cards
(paper half off at hobby lobby = $12.50, 2" punch using 40% off hobby lobby coupon = $6)
Already had the modge podge and other stuff

Priced online they wanted around $60 for 250 round cards. Took me around 1.5 hrs to complete all the cards, it's fairly simple once you get a system going.

My mom is in the process of making "stamp business cards", I'll be posting her business card technique shortly.

Here is another set of paper I tried 

Carrying case my mom gave me, no idea where it came from but holds the cards perfectly.