DIY Seat Belt Pillow

*Disclaimer: If using a pillow inside a vehicle concerns you, don't do it.*

 Items Needed:
2 - 26" x 6" pieces of fabric
6 - 9" pieces of ribbon
I used cotton polka dots on one side and minky on the other but you could use all fleece or just cotton....whatever you have on hand.

Begin by cutting your fabric. Then pin the two sides together (rights sides facing each other) to prepare it for sewing. Place the ribbon equal width apart, 3 per side.

I choose to sew my ribbon with my fabric, but you could always hand sew your ribbons on later if that is easier for you.
Start sewing at one of your side ribbons and sew completely around the fabric, leave a 3-4" gap open where you can put in your batting. Turn the fabric right side out.

Stuff with batting then hand stitch the hole closed, you're done!
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