DIY Velvet Bookmarks with Photo Clay Pendants

By Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I had a tutorial for velvet pendant bookmarks and another for photo clay pendants, decided to combine the two into one project. I plan on giving these as Christmas gifts this year (crosses fingers and hopes that family and friends don't see this post ;) )

Items Needed:
Polymer clay ( I used Sculptey in Pearl)
Split Rings (Walmart)
Ribbon Clamps (Etsy, make sure to get them with the loop Etsy Ribbon Clamps)
Iron on Inkjet printer paper ( I used Xerox brand)
Velvet Ribbon (7/8" can be found at most craft stores)
Pendants (in the jewelry section at craft store or be creative and scavage local thrift stores for old earrings/pendants etc)
Silver Bails (Silver Bails)
Gloss Coating

Print your photos on the iron on transfer paper, cut out the photos (I used size .75" x .83" because it was scrabble tile size).
Roll out your clay to about 1/8" thick on a non-stick surface.
Peel the photo from the back of the iron on paper (be careful not to tear it).
Lay it on the clay, use a sharp blade to cut around the photo. 
Place on glass dish and bake in oven for 15-20 minutes at the temperature specified on the clay package.
Remove, let cool
I chose to coat mine with Crystal Lacquer but you could use any gloss coating (Sculptey has a few kinds). I did notice my photos lost some detail when they were wet, this may not happen if you use a faster drying coating.

Cut Velvet ribbon into 9-11" long strips (depending on the size you want). Attach clamps to the ends.

Use split rings to attach charms or thrift store jewelry finds.