Nap Mat with Applique Name Tutorial

By Saturday, June 30, 2012

Here is my daughter's new nap mat for preschool. It was made from the Jenny Garland tutorial but I added, changed and swapped up a few things.

It makes a mat approx 20x50". Foam is removeable so you can wash it.

Supplies List:
1 2/3 yards of fabric for the front and back of the mat
2 yards of minky (or something else soft) fabric for attached blanket
Wide ribbon for handle (Jenny Garland used a longer elastic strap in her tutorial if you prefer that)
Two buttons (about 1” in diameter).
8 ounces of fiberfill to stuff pillow
All purpose thread
A piece of 1” thick foam cut to 20” width by 40” length. (I bought 2 - 22"x22"x1" pieces (Hobby Lobby) because it was cheaper than buying one large piece and there was less waste)
40” sew-on velcro

Fabric for Applique Letters
Silhouette Sd or other cutting machine is helpful but not necessary
Heat and Bond
Fabric Adhesive


Making the Blanket:
Cut two 36"x36" pieces from Minky. Sew right sides together, leaving opening to turn. Turn right side out and top stitch edges, close the opening as you top stitch.
(Before top stitch)

(After top stitch)

Making the Mat:
Cut two 22"x52" rectangles from your mat fabric to make the front and back.
Cut four 4"x6" rectangles for the button tabs.
Making your Button Tabs:
Using your 4"x6" rectangles place them right sides together with 1/4" seam allowance. Sew the two long sides and one short side. Turn right side out. Iron. Top stitch around the same three sides. Add your button hole to both.

Lay out one of your 22"x52" rectangles right side up. Pin the open side of the button tabs on the bottom of rectangle, make sure they are laying on top of the mat rectangle pointing toward the top. Sew to the mat 1/4" seam allowance.
(Sew the three sides)

(Turn right side out)

(Use zig zag to stitch edges)

(Add button hole)

Attaching the Blanket:
Lay out the 22"x52" rectangle that you haven't sewn anything on yet. Lay the blanket ontop (right sides together) line up edges leaving 4" gap on the bottom of the mat rectangle (this will position the blanket properly between the pillow and bottom of mat). Pin and stitch with 1/2" seam allowance. Fold the rest of blanket toward center of mat to keep it out of the way.

Putting it all together:
Leave the rectangle/blanket you just worked on right side up. Place the other rectangle right side down ontop of it. Pin the pieces together (make sure blanket and button tabs are tucked inside). Stitch top, bottom and the blanket edge ONLY. Leave the other side open for velcro and foam.

(After blanket & tabs were added and mat was turned right side out)

Making the Pillow:
Turn mat right side out. 10" down from the top of mat stitch a line across. This will make the pillow section. Stuff and stitch opening closed.

Attaching the Velcro:
You need to attach velro to each 22"x52" rectangle along the entire length below pillow, this will hold the foam in. Fold and Iron 1/2" of the unfinished edge before adding the velcro to it, this will keep frayed edges from showing.

(I double stitched my velcro to make sure both sides stayed flat)

Adding the outside stuff:
I suggest placing the foam in and rolling it up. Then mark where your buttons & handle need to go. Unfold and remove foam. Sew on the buttons and ribbon for handle (make sure to burn the ribbon edges with a lighter to keep them from fraying).

(I simply folded under the ribbon ends and sewed it to the mat)

(Buttons and Handle on the bottom of mat)

Ok you can choose to stop here or attempt adding a name. The easy way would have been just embroidering the mat fabric ahead of time....however I didn't have an embroidery machine and am too cheap to go pay for someone else too :)

Making the Letters:
Iron your fabric choice to Heat and Bond (this will make them stiff and easier to sew on). I also did this in order to use my silhouette cutter to cut the letters out.

I designed the name in Adobe Illusrator (but you could use whatever software you have). Placed my fabric in machine with it attached to my silhouette sticky mat. Set my speed to 1 and my pressure to 33.

This made it cut through my fabric but it didn't go through the heat and bond. I'm guessing the heat and bond I used was too thick, so you may want to use the thinnest they offer. I simply went back and hand cut it with scissors, no problem.

Now the letters are cut. I used some fabric adhesive and glued them onto the mat where I wanted them. Removed foam (again) and zig zag stitched the letter edges. Yes, this took time but since I didn't have an embroidery machine (Hope my husband is reading this) it was my only option ;)

Replace foam and you're done. Use "Fray Check" if you notice any fraying on the Applique letters.
(Heat and Bond on Fabric)

(Pinned letters, then glued and finished by stitching them)

(Used Fabri-Tac to glue them)

(zig zag stitched the edges)