National Lemonade and Bake Sale Day!

By Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today was the National Lemonade and Bake Sale Day! I originally posted about it a few weeks ago. You can read more about the movement on Glenn Beck's website.

We had alot of fun even though there were a few pop up rain showers. I'm not sure the exact number of people we had stop by but we were able to raise $700 for charity (Considering it is a Wednesday that isn't too bad!). 50% of the donations go to Glenn Beck's Mercury One Foundation ( and the other 50% goes to our local church food bank.

Overall we were thrilled with our small community and how charitable they all were. It was also nice to share this with our children.

We had so many donations it's hard to remember them all but paper products were donated by Newell Paper Company, a couple local Bake Shops donated Cupcakes, all the food was donated by various families, decorations were provided by the Call News staff who were wonderful in helping us setup and wait on customers between their regular newspaper duties. Several people drove up from 30+ miles away just to make a donation!

All together it was a wonderful experience and next year we're hoping to participate again....minus the rain though ;)