Reusable WetJet Pads and Dispenser DIY

By Wednesday, June 20, 2012 ,

Those WetJet refills will put a dent in your pocket book fast. Not to mention there are not many fragrance options for the floor cleaners. However I love the concept of the WetJet, no more sloppy mop bucket. I've been using a washable broom for years and decided why not make washable WetJet pads?

I took a few Cloth diapers (available in the baby section), cut them to size and stitched on the soft part of Velcro. As you can tell from my photos that I did this in a rush and was low on Velcro so there are six small pieces instead of two long pieces. However I'm sure you will have more satisfactory and "pretty" results by stitching the edges of the cloth diapers and having enough Velcro to cover the entire piece ;)

Now how do you refill those dispensers? Place the tip of the bottle in boiling water for about 5 minutes until it's soft and workable. Twist hard until it comes off, clip off the "teeth" with nail clippers and from now on all you will have to do is twist on and twist off.

I have wood floors and prefer vinegar so 1/8 cup and the rest water. However you can refill with whatever cleaner you prefer.

To save even more buy rechargeable batteries (I prefer Sanyo Eneloop).

Not pretty but they get the job done ;)

Here is the top with the "teeth" clipped off