DIY Febreeze Recipe

By Friday, July 27, 2012

Found this recipe on Pinterest: DIY Febreeze

It actually works quite well! I've had alot of problems with DIY Air freshner recipes (too wet, too strong, too alcoholy lol), but this is by far the best. It isn't very strong just enough to lightly scent your furniture, rugs, drapes or bed. I love to spray our mattresses with it before putting on new sheets, just a nice fragrance to snuggle into :)

1/8 cup fabric softener ( I used the cheapest brand Walmart had, in the strongest scent...because the whole idea is to save money, luckily it worked wonderfully so much so that I now use it with our laundry)
2 tbsp baking soda
Hot tap water
Old febreeze Bottle or other bottle that is about 27 oz. size

Mix in bottle shake well, and shake before using each time.

I have not had any problems with residue on furniture (my couches are dark brown microfiber).