DIY Owie Boo Boo Bags

By Monday, July 16, 2012 ,

You could use any shape but I used this one: Owie Template PDF It's just a hand drawn Owl shape I made. Feel free to use it or make your own.

Cut 2 pieces of your main shape.

If you want to add a face do so now on one of the pieces. I rough cut some circles (using the bottom of my fabric-tac bottle ;) and a triangle, used fabri-tac and zig zag stitches to secure (I wanted this to be a quick easy project so I didn't overthink it). You could also use buttons, iron on vinyl or other items.

Place right sides together and stitch around the edge. Leave a 1-2" gap at bottom.

Turn right side out, fill with rice or beans (I used white rice that was already on hand).

Hand Stitch your bottom closed, you're finished!

I just place mine in the refrigerator or freezer (when in a rush). But you can also microwave them. If you're planning on heating them then you may want to not use any glue or fabri-tac....I've never tested it in a microwave but would think it might melt ;) The general directions are to place in microwave for 30 seconds, just test it and see if that is enough time for your bag and filling.