DIY Soap Towel Pouch

By Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Pinterest craft: Soap Pouch

You'll need a towel and sewing machine.

The original tutorial calls for 4"x11.5" strips from the towel. But I found out later that because my towel was so thick these measurements caused me to not be able to overlap my pouch ends properly. Regardless I was still able to get the size to work, just a bit differently. May want to do a test one before cutting up the entire towel.

Original tutorial said to double fold the shorts ends over twice x 1/2". This did not work for me, caused the pouch to be very small (probably due to towel thickness). So I cut my towel on the already finished edge and that made it where all I had to do was fold over one of the short edges and sew (to prevent fraying).

Next I folded short ends together to sew the sides. Again the original tutorial had some measurements for this that didn't work on my towel. I simply folded the short ends together (place the prettiest end on bottom because you're going to turn it right side out after sewing). I folded them together in the center and just slightly overlapped the short ends, just enough to hide the soap. Sew down sides.

Turn right side out and insert soap

It's a very simple project, just try a test one and adjust until it works for your towel.