DIY Stencil Nailhead Coffee Table

By Monday, July 09, 2012 ,

Spray paint in white
Latex paint in a couple shades darker
Latex white paint
Polycrylic coating (I prefer satin)
Plastic wall stencil
Masking Tape
2 Foam Rollers
Nailhead trim

I began by spray painting the table (Goodwill find for $12) with gloss white spray paint, 2 coats let dry. Then I masked the top part off with tape. Foam rolled my latex paint in a darker shade onto the top, let dry. I reused an old wall stencil I bought from (can find them on Etsy too). Laid the stencil flat (it was slightly smaller than top leaving a 1" blank edge), foam rolled the white paint on. Once it dried I put 2 coats of polycrylic to seal and give it a shiny finish (my latex paints were both flat so it needed to polycrylic). Final step was adding the nailhead trim. I was lucky that my table already had a slight indention all around the edge of the top for me to follow with my nailheads. So all I had to do was measure the distance between each nailhead, however if you don't have an indention to follow you'll need to measure the distance from edge of table + the distance between each nailhead.

Tape masking the edge readying it for the darker latex paint

Added the stencil on top, leaving gap around edge

Measuring space between nailheads

Here is 1/2 done, ran out of nailheads but will post a complete photo once I finish.