Etched Glass using Vinyl and Silhouette SD

I love etching glass. Below is a Christmas project I did: Bath salt jars with each person's named etched on the side.

Make your design in whichever software you have, mine is Adobe Illustrator. I then cut the vinyl using my Silhouette SD. Weeded the vinyl, applied it to the jars. Cover in etching cream (available at most craft stores), let sit for 5-10 minutes. Cover all other parts of glass you don't want etched, because the etching cream is so strong it'll actually etch any nearby parts. Wash cream off and you're done!

The Silhouette SD is discontinued but they have the new Silhouette Cameo out now which is AMAZING:


  1. this is nice!! loved it...wish I had that machine =)

  2. Nice, where is the flourish design from?

    1. I think it was just a brush in photoshop. Might try googling Photoshop Flourish Brushes

  3. So cute! I've just recently gotten some glass etching cream & can't wait to have time to sit down to play with it!


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