Pottery Barn Monogrammed Upcycled backpack from Etsy

By Monday, July 09, 2012

Had to share this backpack that I bought for my daughter, she starts preschool this year. You can find the seller on Etsy, she calls them "Upcycled pottery barn backpacks" Ben Loves Birdy Shop on Etsy. They are returned or wrong monogrammed backpacks from Pottery Barn. She simply covers the old monogram with fabric and a new monogram. They are slightly cheaper too.

The size small fit my daughter perfectly and is large enough to hold a folder or binder. There are pockets for earphones, ipod, cups, pencils, laptop etc. The front clips are meant for attaching a pottery barn lunchbox (I opted for a character lunchbox that appealed more to my daughter since the backpack didn't have any cute characters on it, we compromised :) )

Jennifer (the shop owner) was nice enough to work with me and customize the monogram with just initials instead of a full name (Safety reasons). Definitely a great purchase for the upcoming school year, make sure to visit her shop.

I was not compensated in anyway for this review, just a satisfied, PAYING customer ;)