Saturday, August 04, 2012

Betta Fish Apothecary Jar

Today the kids acquired a new pet "Fishy Fish" (our 4 year old named him). He's a crowntail Betta. I had an empty apothecary jar that occasionally holds snacks or cookies but usually is empty. Seemed like the perfect new home for "Fishy Fish".

Few rocks in the bottom, little plastic grass for comfort and tada a fish bowl that you won't mind staring at. This one sits on our kitchen island and is the perfect distraction while I'm cooking, no more kids playing "lets ride mom's feet" around the entire kitchen.

The lid has plenty of space for air to circulate and keeps little people from throwing toys in with the poor fish.


  1. It is beautiful but Betta's are air breathers and he will need fresh air coming in. It is also advised while not necessary to have a filter for him. Also being in front of the window can start algae growing if you ever put a real plant in it. He looks beautiful though! You might enjoy getting a Betta exerciser. Its a floating ball that hangs a mirror down. He will flare up at it when he see's his reflection. I think it says 5 min at a time max, you don't want him too stressed. :) Good Luck with the fishy!

    1. He has plenty of air coming in, the lid stays propped open. The window looks close but it's about 7 feet behind his bowl and very little light enters since it's a shaded porch window. But no worries since it's a fake plant. I've owned just about every fish you can imagine, had several Betta's that lived 6-7 years. They are very hardy fish and with two kids around they make sure the fish gets plenty of action ;)

  2. great! I have my Crown tail at work here. He keeps me entertained. Yours is a beauty! LOL I bet he does get a lot of play time in!


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