Monday, August 06, 2012

Blue Glass Soap Dish Bath Tub

Ever stumble across one of those items in an antique store that's so oddball you just have to find a place for it in your house?

Well, when I saw this blue tub I just knew it had to come home with me. Now don't ask me what I plan to do with it....haven't figured that out just yet ;)


  1. Hey!
    Just stumbled across your site and I'm enjoying reading your posts. Making plans to get as organized as you are :-)
    But wondering if you've found a use for this soap dish bath tub yet? I think it is adorable and I can definitely understand your reason for bringing it home with you!
    Keep up the fun posts!

    1. My kids have taken over the soap dish. They use it for holding toothbrushes and paste. Eventually I'll use it in the guest bath and fill with cute soaps but for now the kids like it too much.


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