DIY Wall Hanging Growth Chart

By Thursday, August 23, 2012

Such a simple project and there is no "right" way to make one. I bought a $12 5 1/2"x6' pine board from Lowes and all the decorating was done using scraps left over from other projects.

Painted the board white with spray paint

Getting the math right: We have 9' ceilings and I wanted to center the board on the wall. This meant that my numbers would run over 7'....obviously we'll probably never need that height ;)

I just made up a small drawing and did the math 9' wall minus 6' board = 3', divided by two = 1 1/2'. So basically to center my board on the wall it would need to be 1 1/2' from the floor and 1 1/2' from the ceiling. Simple right? So then I just started at the bottom of the board marked 6" up and there was my 2' mark. Continued marking all the feet 2,3, 4, 5, 6,7. Once that was done I measured in between and marked all the inch marks. Nothing to it. Now to the hard part....painting the lines.

I made a plastic template however I still had to free hand it in the end since paint was running under the stencil. 

Painting those lines took forever. If you're smarter than I am you'll think about just cutting vinyl yourself a lot of trouble! I never think of the easy way first......

I went to my trusty silhouette SD and cut out the numbers in vinyl. If you don't have a cutter, then look for large house number stickers at the hardware store or sometimes craft stores carry large number stickers. I used the font "French Script MT" for the numbers

I only had some basic colors on hand Brown, Red, Yellow, Blue, White.... had to get creative with mixing the colors together to get the right shade.

Paint the numbers

While the paint was still wet, sprinkled glitter on top. After it dries take it outside and shake all the glitter off. You'll probably need to take a slightly damp rag and clean off the excess glitter.

All Done! I'm still thinking of putting a clear coat of spray paint on mine.

UPDATE: Finally found the perfect spot to hang (using a simple saw-tooth hanger on the back). Will update once I add the kid's heights. Planning to use colorful push pins and mini polaroid black & white photos.