Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Keep Apple Slices Fresh Using Sprite

Would you believe these apple slices have been sitting at room temperature for 16 hours when this photo was taken? Amazing huh? They're Red Delicious Apples which makes the fact they aren't brown a miracle. Usually those start going brown at my house within an hour or two. The photo isn't the best, but they are basically the same color they were. Maybe a shade darker, nothing you wouldn't normally see within 30 minutes of slicing.

I saw all the posts on pinterest about prolonging apple slices with pineapple and other things. None of which sounded very tasty. One pinner had the idea to use 7-up or Sprite, which actually sounding pretty good. Maybe I'm just craving soda? Who knows....

Soak slices in cold water 3-5 min, then in Sprite 3-5 min. save in fridge until ready to use.

Well, since mine obviously never made it to the refrigerator this little Sprite trick definitely works. Actually, my husband just ate them today, we're talking a total of 30 hours and he said they were still wonderful for lunch and looked perfectly normal, just a bit darker.
* Please Note: I do not recommend eating food left out for 30 hrs, this was a simple test to decide if the apples could keep fresh for lunches and road trips. However, my husband will eating anything and wastes nothing ;) It's been 4 days and he is still alive, the apples must have been fine*

This is going to be a life saver for my preschooler's lunch  :) Now if I can just find a way to prolong those banana slices......


  1. I actually found that apple juice works better - we don't like the fizziness of the apples in sprite or the pre packed ones. The juice does the same thing!

  2. For bananas and apples I always heard squirting lemon on them keeps them from getting brown! I hope it works for your banana slices it has for me in the past!

  3. Actually.. I have used Lemon juice on both bananas and apples to prevent them from browning so quickly! Hope it works for you too!


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