School Lunch Bag Organization

By Saturday, August 18, 2012 ,

It's been crazy around here while we get ready for our oldest to start Pre-K. There are many more rules and items to buy now than back when we were kids :) Here are a few of her things and the lunch organization technic I'm attempting this school year:

Firstly her chevron binder (Big Lots). Added her name using vinyl and my trusty Silhouette SD.

Something I wasn't aware of is now they make all the kids eat breakfast. When I was in school the kids who ate breakfast at school showed up earlier and the rest of us got to sleep in later and eat a pop tart in the car ;) Sooo I had to come up with a simple system to pack a Breakfast, Lunch and Snack. The teacher also wanted everything clearly divided up so she knew which is which. 

This meant our cute Skiphop Mouse lunch box had to go in the closet :( But in it's place I found a upright pink Igloo lunch box (Big Lots) and it just so happens to have an awesome drawstring divider top built inside. So I can stick the lunch in the bottom and place the breakfast on top of the drawstring divider in a small monkey purse (Walmart). This makes carrying it easy for my daughter and dividing the meals simple for her teacher. Just incase though I did add tags which will be removed once I'm sure my daughter has the hang of things (never been to daycare so keeping up with her belongings is definitely going to be a new experience!).

Now I know some would say "why not just stick the breakfast in a paper bag and be simple about it?". Well, honestly I just can't do it. Something in the very fabric of my DNA demands customization and cuteness, just can't help myself.....

Two bags - one set of handles, makes it easy on small hands

Temporary tags to help her teacher

The drawstring divider, breaking up lunch and breakfast.

Feel free to share your school lunch organization tips! I'm sure mine isn't the most efficient but with only a day to spare I didn't have much time to think on it. For those wondering where the snack goes, the teacher requested it be placed in the front of her bookbag.