Artwork Display for Children using Cabinet Doors

By Saturday, September 01, 2012

I saw this Playroom Artwork Display at iheartorganizing and just had to make two for the kiddos. Had a bit of trouble finding doors but once I discovered a Habitat Restore was in my area that problem was solved.

The Clips and Label holders are from Staples. 

I began by painting them white. The whole paint job was pretty sloppy considering it was completed in between Hurricane Isaac's rain bands..... patience is not one of my strong points ;) If it means waiting a few days or going out in a hurricane....I rather just brave the storm.

Then put the color in the middle, sprayed a clear gloss coat to finish it.

After the paint was almost dry (no patience remember?) I attached the label holder, screwed on the clip and added a sawtooth hanger. 

 Now I just need to design some labels.