Calm Down Glitter Jar for Children

By Saturday, September 08, 2012

Saw this idea on a few blogs and thought it would be perfect for distracting the kids enough for them to calm down and get their minds off anything that is causing them to make trouble.

Jar (Found mine at Goodwill 59cents)
Water (from the faucet)
Clear Glue or Glitter Glue (Mine was rosaart brand from target because I couldn't find plain clear glue)
Glitter (already had on hand, but Michaels usually carries the large bottles of glitter, you can also throw in some shaped glitter if you have it, though it does sink pretty quickly)
Food Coloring (might not need if using Glitter Glue, I used Neon because it was in the pantry)

Boil the water. Fill the jars with the hot water. Use 1 tbsp of glue per 1 cup of water you use. Blend, Blend, Blend with a spoon (this is the key!). Add in the glitter (1/2"-1" thick) while the water is still hot, if the glitter falls too fast you might need to add more glue. Add food coloring if desired (Glitter Glue tinted my water but I wanted an extra pop of coloring so added the food coloring anyway). Tighten cap on (very tight). Let cool.

*I saw where some people were concerned about using glass jars and the kids throwing them in a tantrum. My kids don't get that upset, they usually get a handle on their emotions before it escalates especially if I give them a pretty jar to look at. I feel for those parents who have the floor floppers. If your child is prone to throwing may want to let them cool down first before handing the jar over. Or use a plastic jar such as a peanut butter container (cleaned first of course ;) ). Obviously, never leave child alone with the jar*