Pottery Barn Upcycled Lunch Bag

By Saturday, September 01, 2012

I posted a month ago about how much I loved BenLovesBirdy's Upcycled Pottery Barn backpacks. Well at the time I didn't see any lunch boxes that matched so we quickly shuffled a breakfast/lunch/snack system together with bags from Big Lots. Long story short a 4 year old is better off not having to remember to carry more than 1 thing, the lunch box kept being left behind at school.

Went back to Birdy's etsy shop and she just so happened to have a pink one...I snagged it ;) Works perfectly! Snaps onto the backpack leaving the inside free for her breakfast bag and snack. No more problems of her forgetting it, since the teacher snaps it right back on after lunch time. However a request was placed to add a Monkey to the front of the lunch bag....just like mom everything has to be customized!

I highly recommend Pottery Barn Backpacks/Lunch Bags and if you're looking for a discount check out BenLovesBirdy's etsy page!