Ticket Keepsake Display from Shadow Box

By Saturday, September 08, 2012

Ever walk into a thrift store and see an item up high on a shelf tucked under several other things and you just know it's going to be something great? Well that happened to me the other day! This shadow box was hidden away and just in need of a bit of TLC.

I had been on the hunt for a large shadow box for a few months. Pinterest had gave me the great idea to store our tickets in one. Don't know about you but for some reason I've never understood I save all those movie tickets, game tickets, fair, circus etc. Unfortunately, I threw away a shoebox full I'd been collecting for 10 years right before I saw the idea on pinterest *facepalm*. So we're starting a new collection for this box. 

Brought it home, reattached the door and gave it a good scrub

I put the word "Tickets" on the glass instead of inside since once it fills up you wouldn't be able to see it. 
Cut out a vinyl stencil using the Silhouette SD, applied it to the glass.

Using fancy coloring paper to protect the surrounding glass from the Etching Cream. Put a healthy covering of Cream, wait 5 minutes wash off, remove fancy paper protection and stencil, tada! Etched Glass! One of my most favorite things to do.

A bit hard to photograph the etching

I bought some chevron print fabric from Etsy for the back and used thumbtacks to pin it

Even though the door is magnetized I added a latch to make it a bit more secure. I decided not to cut a slot in the top to just drop the tickets in since 1. It required power tools 2. There is a perfectly good door to use