DIY Cake and Cupcake Stand

By Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Cake Board (3 different sizes, I used 12”, 14”, 16”)

Ribbon width of Cake Boards

Fabric/Vinyl (Optional)

Something to divide cake boards. I used a few stackable bowls filled with beads but you could use an old peanut container or Styrofoam wrapped in ribbon/fabric etc.

Begin by gluing the boards together so each size makes one piece. Hot glue ribbon around edges. You can cut fabric to sit on top (I chose to not glue mine down so it could be changed out for another party theme later). You might also want to cut out vinyl to protect the cake board from food.


If you can’t find the thick cake board then just buy the packs of thin and glue together.


If your vinyl is very wrinkled like mine a quick burst from the hair dryer and a heavy book will work wonders.


You may notice that the bakery placed the cake on a larger size cake board than I requested, but luckily it still fit.