Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

My daughter turned 5 this month and we went all out with Hello Kitty. Beginning with the invitations:
All these were made at home using my Epson Printer. You can really make a statement by simply running your envelopes through the printer and adding a bit of flair!
The front was the invitation, then a layer of black cardstock and her photo on the very back.
DIY Cupcake stand! See tutorial Here
Most themed decorations are from Walmart
Again added a special touch on the goody bags by running them through my printer
Ok, the cake was a hot mess! We wanted fondant but they were out, then the name was spelled wrong, the Hello Kitty resemblance is questionable, they forgot the candles that were supposed to be on the cake board and finally I requested a 12” cake board so it would fit on the stand but it came on a 14”. To top it off my son stuck his finger in it so we had to cover the hole with a #5 candle. But atleast it tasted fabulous!
Also surprised her with a Hello Kitty room!
Three things to never forget at any kid birthday party 1. Pinata, 2. Chocolate Fountain 3. Cotton Candy maker! This one is a Bella Cotton Candy maker you can use sugar or hard candy in it. Place the cotton candy in ice cream cones for added cuteness.


  1. You are certainly a super mom...Hello Kitty party...Hello Kitty room...I'm sure your daughter was elated. Tell me, what kind of printer do you have that you could run your goody bags through? That was so cute!!!!

    1. I kind of owed it to her since she hasn't had a full blown birthday party since her 1st birthday ;) I usually prefer to take them to the aquarium or some other place we haven't been and save the big parties for every few years.

      The printer I used is an Epson stylus 1400 wide format (the newer model is called Artisan 1430. I love it. I posted an Amazon link to the printer in the post above, first paragraph.

      The trick to printing on envelopes or bags is to change your printer preferences to thick paper/envelope printing (not sure if all printer software offers this but Epson does by right clicking on the printer icon in control panel). Make sure that you tape down any lose edges so they don't jam in the machine and for me it took a bit of cleaning to get it to print without leaving ink smudges. This is probably because I haven't cleaned the printer in all the 3 years I've had it ;) Sad, I know

  2. Did you create the printable for your goody bags? I would purchase it from you if you have it available somewhere. We are doing a hello kitty birthday party for our daughter and that is such a great idea!

  3. I did build these designs. But was not able to offer them to my readers since the Hello Kitty graphics were shared with me by another designer. I know that there are some on Etsy offering Hello Kitty items though. Hope this helps!


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