DIY Mirrored Tray Wall Decor

By Saturday, October 20, 2012 ,



I had a Gold Tray (Hobby Lobby) and an old mirror both of which I had no use for. The area behind my stove was desperately in need of something. So I placed a hanger on the back of the tray and hung it over the stove, but it was still missing something. I wanted to get a mirror cut to fit the tray area but that would have cost way too much. Solution? Break an old mirror into pieces and glue them onto the tray instead.
Firstly, if you decide to do this be careful a piece of mirror in the eye or hand will make for a very bad day. Secondly, if you’re superstitious like me make sure to get some other sap to break the mirror. Luckily for me the hubby was willing to risk the 7 years bad luck.
I had him bust it up inside a cardboard box aiming for quarter size pieces. I started with the largest pieces and laid them on the tray. Then placed the smaller pieces in the leftover spaces. Used Goop brand glue to adhere mirror pieces to tray.



Here are a few shots of my entire kitchen (Yes, I like shiny things obviously lol):