Witch Legs Planter - Halloween Decor

By Friday, October 05, 2012 ,


  • Planter large enough to hold the legs (Mine is from Lowes)
  • Mannequin Hosiery legs
  • Stockings (Found at most Halloween costume shops)
  • Black Shoes (I had a pair of ugly black shoes but if you don’t check Goodwill or thrift shops)
  • Moss (Hobby Lobby)
  • Board (I used an extra piece of baseboard trim we had, but any board will do)
  • Spindles/Screws (I used 1” thick spindles and 2 long screws)
  • Aluminum Foil (Buckles)
  • Misc Décor items (My Broom and Sign came from Target’s $1 bins)
Ok, so lets begin with where to find the mannequin legs (Hosiery legs). Amazon has them 2 Mannequin Legs
This was by far my most embarrassing online purchase ever. I was so grateful that there weren’t any photos on the outside of the box showing what was inside, my UPS man would have never let me live it down!

Begin by cutting your board to size and attaching spindles (just screw your screws through board into spindles, I recommend an electric drill)


I had to saw off the tip of the foot since it was a hosiery leg and they are not made for shoes


Add your stockings, place legs over spindles. Add shoes and misc décor as desired. I cut out squares from heavy duty aluminum foil and glued to the top of shoes for that extra “witchy” touch.