Witch TuTu Costume Tutorial

By Tuesday, October 02, 2012



This is a very simple costume. My daughter decided she wanted to be a witch for our family’s Halloween Maze party this year. I’m not a fan of the pre-made costumes in stores so made our own with a bit of Etsy inspiration. Below sizing is for 2-6 year old, if your child is smaller or larger just adjust a bit.


Witch’s hat (bought mine at Party City)

Black Tulle: 4 yards

Orange, Purple, Green Tulle: 2 yards each

Various matching Ribbon

Black Elastic (measure child’s waist, then remove 2-3”, that is the length you’ll need)

Flower Hair bow (Hobby Lobby bow section)

Optional: Black leggings, black shirt and shoes to go underneath (Found mine at Goodwill)


Entire costume cost me under $20

Began by cutting all the fabric into approx 6x26” strips. You could also buy the tulle that is on the spools precut but it does cost more. Whatever length you want the tutu, double it and that is how you get the length of your strips (mine is 13”, 13+13=26”).


Sew your elastic ends together, then wrap it around something round to make it easier to work with. Find the middle of one of your tulle strips. Bring it up behind the elastic.


Bring the strip ends up through the loop you created in the previous step.


Tighten the knot. Continue this around elastic alternating the colors until you have the look and fullness that you’re after.



Add ribbon randomly, I hand stitched mine on.


For the hat just wrap tulle strips around, a few stitches to secure it where needed. Add ribbon and your bow, stitching as you add items. I just kept going till it looked the way I wanted Smile


Here is a quick shot of the outfit with the shirt/pants. I’ll update when we have photos of it being worn