Christmas Branch Wreath Tutorial

By Wednesday, November 14, 2012 ,

This idea came from Centsational Girl. She created a wreath using a premade grapevine wreath, branches and fake snow which turned out super cute.

My version has a bit different painting process though.





Grapevine Wreath (I used an 18”, can be found at most craft stores)

Branches, I just picked a few from my yard

Decorations – I used twirly twigs, pearls on stems, ornaments and ribbon (from Hobby Lobby)


Snow in a can (Dollar store or craft store)

White Spray paint


Begin by sticking the branches into the grapevine wreath until you’re satisfied with the look (the white patch was where I tested the fake snow since I’d never used it before)


Add any decorations you want to paint over. Also wrap wire around anything that needs to be secured. I double wrapped a piece of wire around the top to use as the hanger.


Now it gets messy. Spray all over with the fake snow first. This is messy and the slightest touch rubs it off. Let it dry completely. I then took my wreath outside hung it up and coated it with a few coats of white spray paint. This helped to keep the snow attached and made it not so easily rubbed off. However it’s still messy.

20121113-photo (9)

After it dried completely I added a few more decorations that I didn’t want on while spray painting.

20121113-photo (6)

I simply made a bow with satin ribbon and added a few ornaments using wire to finish it.


My other porch d├ęcor consists of wrapped boxes sitting on planters.