Cleaning Silver-Plated Items

By Thursday, November 29, 2012

As an avid Thrift/Antique Store shopper I come across tarnished silver items all the time. Most of these items have been passed up by others who just didn’t think they could be restored. But my Mother-in-law introduced me to a miracle product called Tarn-X and it is amazing.

Take these Silver-plated Chargers that I bought for $8, set of 8 at Goodwill yesterday. A set of 4 of these online is about $65, so I saved around $120+. I watched two ladies pick them up, rub their shirts on them realize the gold hue wouldn’t rub off then put them back on the shelf. So I happily took them home, rubbed Tarn-X over them with a sponge, rinsed off and they shined up like new.

Try it on old candlesticks that have a black residue in the creases or silver trays that are purplish/black, it really works wonders. If you know of any miracle cleaners please leave me a comment and let me know! (Tarn-X did not request a product review. I’m a happy, paying customer who just wanted to share a helpful product with any other thrift/antique store shoppers!).