Sequin Christmas Stocking Tutorial

By Sunday, November 18, 2012 ,

After not being able to find a Christmas stocking “shiny” enough for what I had in mind. I decided to dust off a Stocking pattern I’ve had for years and make my own. This is a very easy project even for beginners.







You’ll need a stocking pattern, either make your own or buy one I used McCall's M2991 Christmas Stockings

Fabric, I followed the yardage instructions that came with my Pattern. Your yardage will vary depending on the stocking size and design you make. For the outside I used a Sequin silver/grey. Inside I used a blue flannel. The Sequin was a bit flimsy so the flannel was necessary to stiffen it, it also gave them a pop of color on the inside. For the cuff I used a Satin Grey that coordinated.


Sewing Machine (not necessary but very time saving)

Ribbon (for hanging hoop)

A cutting mat and rotary cutter are also nice to have



Begin by cutting out your stockings. You’ll need two for the outside, two for the inside (if you choose to line the inside like I did). Make sure you cut the toes pointing in the direction you want the stockings to hang and if your fabric isn’t double sided make sure that you cut the back pieces pointing the opposite way so the design shows on back and front.


I have to brag a bit, I’m in love with my new cutting mat. I’ve been using my mom’s for years but finally broke down and purchased my own it’s an American Crafts 18" x 24" Rotary Cutting Mat

I bought it mainly because it was a minty blue color and matched my Pincushion but was very pleased when it arrived and I saw how high of quality it was.


Here is a photo of the pattern I used McCall's M2991 Christmas Stockings


I tweaked the cuffs a bit. The original pattern called for a cuff that wrapped around the entire stocking. I chose to half the pattern and just make the cuff wrap around the front half. Now I would like to say this was to make the design more retro however the truth is that the instructions confused me and it was a lot less sewing this way, I’m lazy like that


Ok, now it’s time to begin sewing. We’ll first sew the stocking tops together (each side). Then we’ll turn them right side out and sew the two sides (A & B) of the stocking together.


Here is Side A. It will have the cuff so I’ve folded the cuff in half (right side facing outwards) and laid it between the right sides of the inner and outer stocking.


Here is side B. I did the same thing with it as Side A except instead of a cuff it has the hanging ribbon. I cut my ribbon 5 1/2” long, then folded in half and set it between the inner and outer pieces of fabric. Make sure to push it in about 3/4” so that is doesn’t get in the way of your seam when you sew the edges closed.


Now sew the tops closed, making sure to sew the cuff and ribbon to each one.


Flip right sides out, then lay side A & B together, right sides facing. Pin closed


This is what the top should look like, all the pieces facing each other. Now just sew around all the other edges, leaving the top open. Turn right side out and hang.


The Glitter letters are from Walmart


Instead of multiple stocking holders I just use 2 and stretch a curtain rod between them.


Pop of color on the inside.


My reindeer (Marshall’s) and the tray/candle stick holders were a Goodwill find


We don’t have a mantle unfortunately but this Ballard Design Benedetta Console table works perfectly