Turquoise Christmas

By Monday, November 05, 2012 ,

The Christmas bug hit me early this year. We now have a tree up nearly two months before Christmas…. and I love it!


The tree is from Home Depot’s website (Pre-lit 7.5’ white). Not many presents yet but working on it!

A quick run down of where most the items came from:

Ribbon: Walmart, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby

Ornaments: Hobby Lobby, Dollar General (Pic Frames)

Large Clear Snowflakes: Dollar Tree

I also found a bunch of the items at Goodwill (mainly small/Medium snowflakes) so not sure where they came from

Disco balls were purchased years ago so not really sure where I found them either (Probably Ross, Marshall’s or Tuesday Morning)

Tree skirt is actually a round table cloth I had on hand

Wrapping paper and Gift tags: Hobby Lobby

Stocking Holders: Hobby Lobby


Why yes that is a disco ball tree topper, groovy right? Simply hung it from the ceiling and added various length ribbons to it.




Instead of having several stocking holders I opted for just using two and hanging a curtain rod between them. I’m still sewing the stockings but will share later!


This lamp base was a Goodwill find, Target brand (yes I need another lamp shade) but I love that by using a glass base you can change up the look for the different seasons.


Here are a couple with the lights off, you can see just how many white/iridescent ornaments mainly snowflakes were put on the tree. The iridescent snowflakes make the tree sparkle when it’s lit up. My mom has a white tree and hers had the iridescent pieces weaved into the tree limbs so that’s where I got the idea, makes all the difference.