Cash Envelope System – Printable

We’ve been attempting the Dave Ramsey Cash System and it works pretty well. I wanted a few envelope type dividers for each of my Cash categories to help me stay organized. My template was inspired by the open top envelope systems I saw on Pinterest and my mom's envelopes but there are many other ways and other templates if you prefer closed top



It has recently come to my attention that the envelopes I designed closely resemble another set sold online, so to keep it peaceful (I love peace and quiet) I removed my free template.

My design was created using a set my mother made (regular envelopes and circle tabs she punched out) she had them in her journal, along with everything else she owns, but the round tabs stuck out and helped her get to them quickly at checkouts. I made the template using her design but without a top flap like the sets circulating around Pinterest that go in wallets. So for those who like it simple, grab your envelopes (6.5" long standard size #6 3/4) and a 1.25" circle punch. Just glue your tabs on the front of the envelope (remove the top flap if you wish). This size seems to fit well in wallets and clutches.

I make these templates for fun and it is never my intention to take business away from someone else and honestly it's not worth the headache to argue over it in my humble opinion, they're just envelopes.... Sorry for all those who were hoping to grab the download but this seems to be a recurring problem in today's times with so many sharing their craft ideas. You're nearly guaranteed to find someone who has a similar idea as yours. I personally love finding others who have the same ideas as me and see it as a way to connect with people who share my interests. So please if you have similar ideas or use my projects/templates share your photos and links, I love to see them!

I've changed the design so hopefully this one won't step on any toes. Download Envelopes, Liners and Registers Here. I didn't redesign the categories because I think most didn't use them anyways. Just write them in or a label maker would work too. I was able to add an extra tab with this layout also which is a bit handy. Keep an eye on future posts because I'm actually trying out an accordion style envelope holder right now, if the paper holds up I'll post a template.

Envelopes Template Register

Print your envelopes on a paper of your choice (I used scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby)
20121130-photo (15)
If you decide to line them then print out the “Liner” file. You’ll notice the file is upside down and backwards, this is so it lines up correctly with your outside envelope paper.

I printed the Registers on a light cardstock.

Match your outer and inner envelope pieces together. Glue together (I used modge podge)

Fold your envelope closed, glue the flaps down

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