Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DIY Child Desk using Cabinet Doors

I saw this on Pinterest (of course!) and fell in love with it. My kids constantly fight over table space so having two separate areas for them to color is a must. This little desk provides them with a personal place to craft and store their supplies.





My 2 & 5 year old can use these comfortably. I’d guess a good age for this size desk is 2-7 depending on child’s height.

I wasn’t involved with the building of the desks, the men handled that thankfully, whew!

But hopefully the photos are self explanatory.


Door/Drawer fronts – Found mine at Habitat Restore



4 – short table legs (mine are from Lowe’s)

Piano hinge


Wood Glue/Nails/Screws


I couldn’t find a cabinet sample with the front already attached so the guys had to create their own from plywood. They cut it to size, chopped out a hole and glued down the drawer front (will be a pencil tray later)



Sanded door cut-out. This needs to be really smooth because the child’s arms will rub all over this area.


Next step was to create a box for the cut-out area. This is where they will draw and store their coloring books.



Box attached to the cut-out area


Legs attached and ready for extra sanding, caulk and paint


Used cup hooks and metal buckets to store their crayons/pencils/markers


After painting a piano hinge was added to the door, I may eventually add a handle to make lifting the door easier.


I painted Kellan’s buckets blue….he’ll just have to live with the hearts though


The top was painted with chalkboard paint so they can personalize the top

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