Lego Trays

By Wednesday, December 26, 2012

These were made by my Husband and the Grand-dads for the kids.

Super easy to make and the kids love them.

2 – 1”x2” 15” long boards

2 – 1”x2” 16.5” long boards

1 - 15'”x15” 1/2” thick piece of plywood

2 – drawer pulls

1 – Lego Building Plate 628

Tube of Construction adhesive for Plastic/Wood

Optional – Vinyl letters & Paint

Simply attach the 1x2's to the 15” plywood using pocket holes in the plywood. Nail the ends together to stabilize the sides. Sand, Caulk (optional), Paint (optional), Glue on baseplate and screw in handles. Add vinyl letters if you wish. For a complete step by step guide visit “That’s My Letter”


A couple tips: If your baseplate doesn’t fit properly after painting the wood you can always trim it down using scissors. I made my vinyl letters using a Silhouette Cameo