TV Tray Ironing Board Tutorial

By Sunday, December 02, 2012

These TV tray Ironing Boards are very handy to have next to your sewing machine. Very easy to make too.




Cotton Fabric (Enough to cover TV tray top + 2-3” extra around the edges)

Cotton Batting x 2 (Enough to cover TV tray top + 1-2” extra around the edges)

Flannel (Enough to cover TV tray top + 1-2” extra around the edges)

Staple Gun/Staples

TV tray (I always find these at Goodwill and Thrift Shops)


Step 1: Cutting Fabric

I used 2 layers of cotton batting, 1 layer of flannel then the top layer is my cotton fabric with flower design (You can find the fabric I used here on Etsy). However you can use any extra fabric/batting you have for the padding, just layer until it feels thick enough. Great way to use up extras.


I didn’t measure the fabric, just laid the TV tray down and trimmed around making sure to leave enough padding to fold over the edge and staple. I made the outer fabric a bit larger than the rest so I could double fold and staple the unfinished edges, to keep them from fraying.


Step 2: Staple

Begin by pulling the middle of one side over the edge, staple. Then pull the opposite side taunt and staple the middle of it. Do this for all 4 sides, afterwards you can staple down the sides working from the middle to the corner. I had to hammer my staples in since the wood was so hard that the staple gun wouldn’t punch all the way through.


For the corner, pull the center of it up and staple. Then fold up and staple the other two edges of the corner.


Finished! I love 20 minute projects…..