Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY Wristlet Pouch with Card Slots Tutorial

Wristlet Pouch Tutorial

2 pieces 8.5"x5.5" outside fabric
2 pieces 8.5"x5.5" inside fabric
2 pieces 8.5"x5.5" thin fusible interfacing
2 pieces 8.5"x5.5" thick fusible fleece
4 pieces 4.25"x 4.5" pieces for credit card pockets
Clamp for Keys (usually in the purse section at craft stores)
Small piece of fabric for holding clamp

I used a 1/4" seam allowance on everything.

You can see my inspiration pouch on the left, I love it but it was too short. If you prefer a shorter version just change up the long side measurements to suite your needs. Also you could get creative with the outside fabric like the inspiration pouch is.


Here are the credit card fabric pieces, cut, folded the longer end in half right sides together, ironed flat.


Sew the credit card pieces along all three open edges, leaving a gap for turning.

Iron them again to make it easier to sew later. Tuck the opening in and iron flat to hide edges.

Pin first piece in place, I just guessed at placement, no measuring.

Sew the bottom only to your inside piece.

Sew the next piece and bit lower. Continue doing this until all are sewn.

Now you want to sew up both sides to finish

To add a bit of cushion I ironed on thick fusible fleece on the outside pieces and a thinner fusible interfacing on the inside pieces.

Both front and back sections

Begin by trimming your zipper to the right size, there should be directions on the package explaining how to do this (basically cut 1/2" longer than the length you need, stitch over the zipper part with double thread)

This is the tricky part, putting the zipper on without showing any edges. You want to attach the right sides of your inner and outer fabric to the zipper. Pin it before sewing and make sure you have it right.

It should look like this & this (yes I got a lil too close to my zipper on once side):

Now it's time to seal all the edges. Make sure your outer fabric is right sides together and same for your inner fabric. You're going to stitch a big rectangle around all the sides leaving an opening in the inner bottom for turning.

At this point you'll need to cut a piece to hold your key clamp. I didn't measure just cut a small rectangle that looked like it would work, Iron it in half right sides together, stitch and turned right side out.

You want to to sew your clamp and ribbon at the same time you're stitching all the edges up. So stick them inside your outer fabric, pin in place. No measuring is required, just cut your ribbon big enough for your hand to fit through and place them on the outer fabric wherever it looks comfortable to you.

Ok all the edges are sewn (you can also see the edges of the clamp and ribbon sticking out).

Leave an opening in the inner bottom to turn.

Ok now turn it right side out. You may notice I decided to add a fifth pocket on the bottom to store larger items. I decided not to suggest it in the tutorial because I've since discovered it's too deep in the pouch to really be accessible or useful.

Final step close in that opening on the inner fabric. Stuff in the inner inside outer and you're done!

Holds all my cards, pen, business cards, chap stick, checks, iphone, hand wipe packets. Keys attach to outside.

DIY Febreeze Recipe

Found this recipe on Pinterest: DIY Febreeze

It actually works quite well! I've had alot of problems with DIY Air freshner recipes (too wet, too strong, too alcoholy lol), but this is by far the best. It isn't very strong just enough to lightly scent your furniture, rugs, drapes or bed. I love to spray our mattresses with it before putting on new sheets, just a nice fragrance to snuggle into :)

1/8 cup fabric softener ( I used the cheapest brand Walmart had, in the strongest scent...because the whole idea is to save money, luckily it worked wonderfully so much so that I now use it with our laundry)
2 tbsp baking soda
Hot tap water
Old febreeze Bottle or other bottle that is about 27 oz. size

Mix in bottle shake well, and shake before using each time.

I have not had any problems with residue on furniture (my couches are dark brown microfiber).

Spice up plain Lamp Shades

Want to spice up plan lamp shades? Add a bit of ribbon and rhinestone buttons (available on Etsy)

Etched Glass using Vinyl and Silhouette SD

I love etching glass. Below is a Christmas project I did: Bath salt jars with each person's named etched on the side.

Make your design in whichever software you have, mine is Adobe Illustrator. I then cut the vinyl using my Silhouette SD. Weeded the vinyl, applied it to the jars. Cover in etching cream (available at most craft stores), let sit for 5-10 minutes. Cover all other parts of glass you don't want etched, because the etching cream is so strong it'll actually etch any nearby parts. Wash cream off and you're done!

The Silhouette SD is discontinued but they have the new Silhouette Cameo out now which is AMAZING:

Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY Owie Boo Boo Bags

You could use any shape but I used this one: Owie Template PDF It's just a hand drawn Owl shape I made. Feel free to use it or make your own.

Cut 2 pieces of your main shape.

If you want to add a face do so now on one of the pieces. I rough cut some circles (using the bottom of my fabric-tac bottle ;) and a triangle, used fabri-tac and zig zag stitches to secure (I wanted this to be a quick easy project so I didn't overthink it). You could also use buttons, iron on vinyl or other items.

Place right sides together and stitch around the edge. Leave a 1-2" gap at bottom.

Turn right side out, fill with rice or beans (I used white rice that was already on hand).

Hand Stitch your bottom closed, you're finished!

I just place mine in the refrigerator or freezer (when in a rush). But you can also microwave them. If you're planning on heating them then you may want to not use any glue or fabri-tac....I've never tested it in a microwave but would think it might melt ;) The general directions are to place in microwave for 30 seconds, just test it and see if that is enough time for your bag and filling.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pot Holder Curling or Straight Iron Pocket

Just buy a pot holder that you like, sew down the side and bottom. Great for travel when you need to pack your curling/straight iron before it has time to cool. Use the hand pocket to store your power cord.

DIY Travel Toothbrush Holder from Towel

I bought a regular sized towel since it needed to be large enough for our family (4 brushes and 2 toothpaste tubes). You can also make them to holder razors or soap, just depending on what you travel with.

Begin by pinning wherever you need to sew a pocket (I didn't worry with measuring, it's a very forgiving project)

Sew the sides down then sew the individual pockets.

Trim the excess to the size you need, fold and sew the trimmed end to keep it from fraying.

Add a ribbon or elastic

All finished!

DIY Soap Towel Pouch

Another Pinterest craft: Soap Pouch

You'll need a towel and sewing machine.

The original tutorial calls for 4"x11.5" strips from the towel. But I found out later that because my towel was so thick these measurements caused me to not be able to overlap my pouch ends properly. Regardless I was still able to get the size to work, just a bit differently. May want to do a test one before cutting up the entire towel.

Original tutorial said to double fold the shorts ends over twice x 1/2". This did not work for me, caused the pouch to be very small (probably due to towel thickness). So I cut my towel on the already finished edge and that made it where all I had to do was fold over one of the short edges and sew (to prevent fraying).

Next I folded short ends together to sew the sides. Again the original tutorial had some measurements for this that didn't work on my towel. I simply folded the short ends together (place the prettiest end on bottom because you're going to turn it right side out after sewing). I folded them together in the center and just slightly overlapped the short ends, just enough to hide the soap. Sew down sides.

Turn right side out and insert soap

It's a very simple project, just try a test one and adjust until it works for your towel.

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