Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

My daughter turned 5 this month and we went all out with Hello Kitty. Beginning with the invitations:
All these were made at home using my Epson Printer. You can really make a statement by simply running your envelopes through the printer and adding a bit of flair!
The front was the invitation, then a layer of black cardstock and her photo on the very back.
DIY Cupcake stand! See tutorial Here
Most themed decorations are from Walmart
Again added a special touch on the goody bags by running them through my printer
Ok, the cake was a hot mess! We wanted fondant but they were out, then the name was spelled wrong, the Hello Kitty resemblance is questionable, they forgot the candles that were supposed to be on the cake board and finally I requested a 12” cake board so it would fit on the stand but it came on a 14”. To top it off my son stuck his finger in it so we had to cover the hole with a #5 candle. But atleast it tasted fabulous!
Also surprised her with a Hello Kitty room!
Three things to never forget at any kid birthday party 1. Pinata, 2. Chocolate Fountain 3. Cotton Candy maker! This one is a Bella Cotton Candy maker you can use sugar or hard candy in it. Place the cotton candy in ice cream cones for added cuteness.

DIY Cake and Cupcake Stand


Cake Board (3 different sizes, I used 12”, 14”, 16”)

Ribbon width of Cake Boards

Fabric/Vinyl (Optional)

Something to divide cake boards. I used a few stackable bowls filled with beads but you could use an old peanut container or Styrofoam wrapped in ribbon/fabric etc.

Begin by gluing the boards together so each size makes one piece. Hot glue ribbon around edges. You can cut fabric to sit on top (I chose to not glue mine down so it could be changed out for another party theme later). You might also want to cut out vinyl to protect the cake board from food.


If you can’t find the thick cake board then just buy the packs of thin and glue together.


If your vinyl is very wrinkled like mine a quick burst from the hair dryer and a heavy book will work wonders.


You may notice that the bakery placed the cake on a larger size cake board than I requested, but luckily it still fit.


Mummy Bars

Sending these with my daughter for her class for Halloween: Mummy Bars.

Hershey bar

Plastic Googly Eyes (Larger size)

White Streamer Paper Roll (Crepe Paper, found in party section)


Simply wrap the bar in the Paper, glue the ends closed. Spread an open space up top and glue the eyes down onto the wrapper.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

DIY Mirrored Tray Wall Decor



I had a Gold Tray (Hobby Lobby) and an old mirror both of which I had no use for. The area behind my stove was desperately in need of something. So I placed a hanger on the back of the tray and hung it over the stove, but it was still missing something. I wanted to get a mirror cut to fit the tray area but that would have cost way too much. Solution? Break an old mirror into pieces and glue them onto the tray instead.
Firstly, if you decide to do this be careful a piece of mirror in the eye or hand will make for a very bad day. Secondly, if you’re superstitious like me make sure to get some other sap to break the mirror. Luckily for me the hubby was willing to risk the 7 years bad luck.
I had him bust it up inside a cardboard box aiming for quarter size pieces. I started with the largest pieces and laid them on the tray. Then placed the smaller pieces in the leftover spaces. Used Goop brand glue to adhere mirror pieces to tray.



Here are a few shots of my entire kitchen (Yes, I like shiny things obviously lol):





Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Paint Organization using Mason Jars - Printable

I have dozens of gallon cans with 1/4 gallon of paint in them. It has been such a headache finding somewhere to store them. Add in the fact that most are dented, dirty, rusted and just a plain eye sore. Until I saw a great idea over at iheartorganizing where she placed the leftovers in matching Mason jars.

Bought a 12 pack of Wide Mouth Quart jars at Walmart and found another 3 in Goodwill. Using a quart leaves you enough paint for a small project or touch-ups, however if you plan to paint a room or large project with the paint then you'll definitely want to save all the extra you have.

I began by marking the jar on the bottom with a number. Then writing down all the information I could gather from the can on a piece of paper beside the matching number. Poured the paint into the Quart jar, sealed lid, moved on the next following the same pattern. All the information gathered will be transferred to a Reference chart, which you can download here for free:

I transferred the information that I mainly wanted on the jar on labels designed in Silhouette Studio (The program is very easy to use and there are many tutorials for the print and cut feature). Printed the labels on Silhouette Printable White Sticker Paper (Making sure to include registration marks for cutting) from my Epson Printer (which I love although we have had our disagreements). Then I loaded it into my Silhouette Cameo using the mat and cut out the labels. No, I didn't match up my label colors to the paint in the jars, mainly because most of my paint is white, too boring ;)

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