Friday, January 18, 2013

Magnetic Menu Board

If you’ve spent anytime on Pinterest then you’ve probably stumbled across Magnetic Menu Boards before. It’s such a great idea and very simple to make. Paired with a Recipe Binder (which I’ll be posting next week) it makes meal planning a snap.




  • Magnetic Calendar
  • FREE Menu Magnet Printable: Download (These fit a calendar with 2” wide squares)

Menu Categories




I began by designing my labels (Downloads are above) in Adobe InDesign. Then printing out on Inkjet Magnetic Paper from my Epson Printer. Finally I cut out the labels by hand with scissors.

My menu board is conveniently inside my “Kitchen Drop Zone Cabinet”.



Check back soon for my Recipe Binder and Recipe Card Printable!

To organize the labels here are a couple options:

In a plastic divided container (Hobby Lobby usually carries them) or keep them in your Recipe Binder inside Baseball Card Sleeves.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. Do you have recipes to go with your monthly menu?

  3. I absolutely love this. It's so much easier than trying to write down the meals and transfer them to my chalkboard menu. I would love to share this on my blog and link back when I get mine finished. Thanks so much!

  4. Ya do you have recipes to go with the monthly menu???

  5. I love this and everything you have on your blog!

  6. I was curious, can you make an version of the actual meal magnets that we can type our own meals in, or explain how to do it? Thank you so much for all you do, its made our house much more efficient.

  7. Love this idea so much. Thank you. Do you have a downloadable for the day headings? Love your site. :)


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