Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Reusable Refrigerator Liners

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t clean our refrigerator until it begins to embarrass me. With the kids now able to open the door it has taken on a whole new level of cruddy. Something had to be done to make it easier to clean so it would get done more frequently. I waited until we were in desperate need of groceries so there was less to drag out of the refrigerator. Gave everything a good scrub. Then began working on the liners.





Table cloth (Found mine at Goodwill $2, but you can find these vinyl table cloths almost anywhere)



I measured the shelves and cut the appropriate size from the table cloth x3. Then I cut an extra 3, this way if one liner gets dirty I pull it out to wash and replace it with the extra. I continued cutting liners for the drawers and cubbies along with extras.

* I have not had any problem with these molding from condensation since I make sure to change them out at least every couple weeks, though the door cubby liners have been left in for 4 weeks without any problems.

* These have not affected the operation of the refrigerator, works as great as it ever has.

* Our refrigerator has lots of light, if your refrigerator is dark maybe consider clear vinyl liners instead of a printed table cloth. 





  1. Great DIY!
    I also have a side by side fridge, and I just take the shelves out one at a time and clean them. I don't turn off the fridge, and I just move things from the one shelf as I clean it, then put it back when its clean. I do it this way all the way to the drawers... and I just wash everything in the sink, one at a time. Start from the top so you can catch any spills that may have run down the sides or the back.
    I never thought of using liners on the shelves, but that might be a good idea, especially after you have everything all nice and clean.

    Works at Bergen

  2. What a great idea! Clever thinking :) it's amazing the stuff you can find at goodwill!

  3. I've always used wallpaper found at thrift stores but this is better I think

  4. What a great idea! Do you wash the tablecloth pieces/fridge liners in the washing machine, handwash them, or just give them a good wipedown to clean? Thanks so much. I've just discovered your blog but you have so many wonderful ideas.


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