Monday, January 21, 2013

Submit your PDF Form Request!

I’ve offered many PDF freebies on my site but I thought it would be fun to hear your ideas and requests. If you’re in need of a specific form for use with budgeting, household, organization etc. please leave a comment below. I’ll randomly select a few requests, design the PDFs and post them to the site next month, for free of course! All ideas welcome.



  1. Oooh I vote for a form to keep track of who had what medicine at what time! With 3 children I often have scrappy bits of paper where I've noted down who had tylernol or whatever when and when they are due to have it again and what dose. Would be great to have a nice organized form to track it on.

    Another one would be a "form" letter to teacher with fill in the info blanks. Dear Blank, Blank will be parent pick up today. or Dear Blank, I will be picking Blank up from school today at blank to go to a blank appointment. or Dear Blank, I am so sorry Blank was not in school yesterday they were blank.

    Piano practise chart would be another. :)

  2. I have recently gone through treatment and facial reconstruction for skin cancer and I am in desperate need for a PDF related to Medical Out of Pocket Costs. I LoVe your Taxes PDF but it's just not enough if a family member is going through an acute situation. There are several items that are tax duductible such as mileage to doctors, hospitals, clinics just to name a few and having a form available from simpledimples would be wOnDeRfUl! Thank you

  3. Hi Jessie! I am your newest follower and just wanted to say thanks for sharing all your ideas and crafts with us!! You are so talented!!!

    How about a cleaning or regaining PDF?

  4. I have a ton of children's books in our home library covering all themes and would love some help organizing them. I used to be a teacher so my book collection is quite large. I have seen the idea of classroom paint stick labels for a variety of categories and adore this type of organization. I am moving soon and would lOVE to have this system ready to implement once we unpack and set-up the home library again, but since I am packing and homeschooling my time is very limited right now. Please let me know if you decide to create these templates. They would be greatly appreciated and very helpful. I know that I would blog about them so that my readers including homeschool families and teachers would see the project as well. Thank you so much for all that you do. Your creative ideas are so inspiring.

  5. I know this post is 3 years old but I found your menu calendar on Pinterest and loved it. I plan to do that one but ran across this.....I am looking for a pdf to use as a password tracker.


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