Magnetic Chore Chart Tutorial & Freebie

By Friday, February 08, 2013 , ,

I wanted a Chore Chart that was simple enough for my 2 year old but flexible to accommodate my 5 year old. There are 5 chores each day for both of them: Clean up toys, Eat all your food (we have picky eaters so motivation for this is definitely needed), brush teeth, clean up trash (crayon wrappers, scraps of paper, anything dropped during the day),  and finally a mystery chore. The mystery chore is there so I can assign a more challenging chore to my eldest but still find something easy for my youngest to do.


After they fill up 10 chores (2 days) they get to dip into their snack box. 20 chores (4 days) = a bigger snack from the box and 30 chores (6 days) we will go out for ice cream, milkshake etc. We begin on Monday so that our 30 chores end on Saturday (more convenient for an ice cream trip). No chores on Sunday for my family, that’s a time to spend together relaxing. I do not give a treat everyday. I believe that sometimes it’s a good thing for children to learn patience. It teaches them that we don’t always receive something in exchange for helping out, sometimes it’s our responsibility to help without being rewarded.



12x12 Photo frame

12x12 sheet of Magnetic Galvanized Metal (Hardware store)

12x12 Scrapbook Paper

Magnetic Inkjet sheets

Clear adhesive plastic (shelf liner or other…optional)

Silhouette Studio FREEBIE! Chore Chart (click to download Here & Here)

Step 1: Begin by assembling your photo frame. You’ll need to trim your metal to size with metal cutters (if not already the correct size, be careful!). With a bit of adhesive (spray type works well) attach your scrapbook paper to the metal. I chose to cover my scrapbook paper in plastic, using the backing from a heat transfer vinyl sheet I had on hand. It was already sticky on one side but you could use clear shelf liner instead. Insert everything in order into your photo frame.


Ok, my plastic was a bit crooked, wasn’t noticeable once in frame thank goodness!


Step 2: Next cut out the vinyl templates (Chore Chart 1 & Chore Chart 2) using a Silhouette Cameo. Or other vinyl cutter. Transfer them to the photo frame.




Finally using Magnetic Inkjet sheets I printed a few lines of different colors on and punched them out.