Purse Organization & Wallet Clutch Giveaway!

By Tuesday, February 19, 2013 ,

It looks like the Etsy seller who made these has taken orders and money then closed shop. She was great when I worked with her and had excellent reviews so I'm not sure why she did this. Please be careful when buying online.


You have 5 chances to enter and you can come back each day and enter again by tweeting the giveaway link.

Purse Organization

This is how the inside of my purse looks. It’s very simple: clutch, calendar and wet wipes (ever the necessity for moms).


I ordered April’s “Jessica Clutch”. It has the credit card slots inside of the clutch whereas the Annie has the wallet on the exterior. Most will probably prefer the exterior wallet but personally I like it inside. She was sweet enough to find the fabric to match my wet wipes case.


Here is where all the “extras” are. I don’t let things just slide around in my purse….drives me crazy.
All my essentials are in the clutch: Cards, Checkbook, Money, pen, lotion, business cards, hair brush, mirror, chapstick, Phone and notebook.

Ok, why do I shove all this into a clutch? Because I like the option of just grabbing the clutch, hanging it from my wrist and not needing my whole purse. If we’re going into a restaurant I’ll grab my whole bag since it has wipes and my calendar to write in but for shopping or trips to the gym I prefer to leave my purse at home or in the car. It’s just a quick system to easily adjust to the situation. It also makes swapping bags a breeze.


The calendar is definitely more than a calendar to me. It also contains House Budget, Bills information & Blog Notes that I prefer to have on hand instead of keeping them at the house in my Home Management Binders.


The Memos I keep in the Calendar:

House Budget – Bills and Due Dates. I keep a complete list in the front of the calendar book. However for unusual bills that are not reoccurring I write those down on the calendar itself such as a t-ball fee or medical bill due that month.

Blog Ideas – List of Blog Posts with Post-its of items that I need to buy

Loans Monthly Payoff Goals, just a simple graph that lists each month and my goal. I like seeing how many months we have until the cars are paid off. It motivates me to save and put forward more money toward that debt.

Credit Card Balances – We don’t use credit cards except to get a % off. Old Navy is really good about offering a percentage off by using their store card. But we always pay our balances off each month. So I keep the balance written down to make sure I don’t go over our Budget.


What information I write down on the calendar pages: Special dates, birthdays, anniversaries, school reminders, Cash withdrawal days for my cash system, unusual bills (school fees, medical bills) that are not reoccurring, vacation plans.


I like to use post-its for items I want to keep an eye out for while shopping such as outdoor pillows on sale or a glass vase. Items that are not necessities just would be good to have if I catch them on sale.

I rely on my Phone for a couple things: Calculator and Budgeting
Calculator is self explanatory but the budgeting? Well I use a handy little app I found a couple months ago. Originally I used these Register cards which worked great and I may go back to them in the future. But right now I am trying out EEBA's Cash Envelope App

So far it's been very handy....though it took me a while to set it up and figure out how to disperse money into the virtual envelopes. I like that it tells me how many days I have to stop spending (if I go over) in order to keep on target. I did find that the program had so many options that I had a hard time getting it to work the way I wanted. Which is simply I set a budget amount in each envelope, filled them with money and deducted throughout the month. I originally wanted to break them down by a weekly budget but couldn't get it to balance properly because if any envelope had unspent funds they wouldn't balance properly during filling. So now I set it up monthly and at the end I empty them and start over. This is most definitely a user error....I'm old and lost my interest in learning about computer stuff years ago. Maybe the mood will strike me one day to figure out how to budget the app weekly.

I wasn't paid for mentioning EEBA, just really liked it. As well as April's clutch...I bought one and she sent an extra which we decided would work great as a giveaway.