DIY Makeup Brush Pouch Tutorial

By Tuesday, March 05, 2013 ,

An easy sewing project even for beginners. There are many ways to store your makeup brushes however my personal preference is a roll-up makeup pouch. This makes them easy to store, pack and keeps them from getting dusty.
Materials Needed
Gather supplies & cut fabric if necessary. I recommend using a sewing machine.
brushes 1
  • Step 1: You’ll want to begin by gathering all your brushes, lay them between fabric “A” & “B”, pin on each side then mark the spot with a fabric pencil (remove pins and brushes after marking). This way you know how much space each brush will need. If you don’t have as many brushes as I do (or have even more!) just adjust all your fabric (A,B,C) to a wider width. Remember to keep 3/4” on the left side and 1.5” on the right for seam allowance and Velcro if you change the width. I used 1” space on most of my smaller brushes, 1.5” for the wider ones and my largest slot is 2” for the Kabuki Brush.
brushes 4
  • Step 2: Fold over the top edge of your “A” fabric by 1/4” and sew. This is to keep the edge from fraying.
  • Step 3: Lay fabric “A” over fabric “B” and pin the edges. Stitch a line on fabric “A” 3” down from the top along the entire length of fabric. This is to keep your brushes from slipping too far down into the pockets. You can make it deeper if needed for your brushes. I chose 3” because I have short handled travel brushes too and I wanted to have enough space below to add a decorative stitching.
brushes 3
  • Step 4: Then sew each of the lines you marked earlier to divide brushes.
  • Step 5: Add your hook Velcro on the right side, leaving a 3/4” gap on the right edge for seam allowance.
brushes 2
  • Step 6: Now we need to figure out where the other side of our Velcro needs to go. Lay your combined Fabric “A&B” over fabric “C”. Pin edges together & insert brushes. Roll up and mark on fabric “C” where the loop Velcro should be sewn. Unroll, remove brushes and unpin. Sew your loop Velcro to fabric “C”.
  • Step 7: Lay fabric “A&B” over fabric “C”, right sides facing. Pin & Stitch 1/2” seam allowance around entire piece, leaving a 4” gap at bottom left corner to turn it. I used duck cloth so my fabric was really thick. If you’re using cotton then a smaller gap can be used. Clip corners, trim excess edges (if necessary) and turn right side out.
  • Step 8:  I chose to use a decorative stitch on my Sewing Machine to seal the gap. But a simple straight stitch will get the job done also.
  • Step 9: Optional, add iron-on vinyl using a Vinyl Cutter to identify each brush.
  • Step 10: Insert brushes & enjoy!!!!
Fits perfectly in my makeup case