Faux Tile Paint Technique

By Friday, March 15, 2013

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Step 1: Paint on your wall color. I used a medium grey shade in satin.
Step 2: Sponge on a darker shade of metallic glaze. I used a Charcoal glaze from the Martha Stewart line and an old wash rag.
Step 3: Sponge on a white gloss very lightly, blending it very well. I did this sporadically, just a touch here and there to add dimension.
Step 4: Using another old rag and a silver glaze (I used Martha Stewart’s glaze again in a silver metallic) “swirl” it on the wall. Use small (approx. 4”) swirls all over. This is the key to getting it from the “painted on” look to a more tile like finish.
Step 5: Using your original wall color and a stencil (I used one from Cutting Edge Stencils) lightly roll on the pattern until all areas are covered.

I also used this same technique for my kitchen backsplash (click “décor” tab up top to see those photos)
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