Recovering an Ironing Board

By Friday, March 15, 2013


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Materials Needed

  • Fabric (I used Duck Cloth, yardage will depend on your ironing board size)
  • Thread
  • Old Ironing Board Cover (for pattern and misc pieces)

Step Graphics

1. Remove your old Ironing Board cover and break apart all the pieces gently. Keep them intact because you can reuse most of it.

2. Use your old cover as a template on your new fabric. Pin and Cut-out.

3. Sew your new fabric to your foam. I kept my old fabric on and just sewed the new fabric over it, was just easier. For the top of the ironing board you might have a small piece, simply sew it along with the rest of your cover making sure to put it right side facing the board cover. I used a serge type stitch that looped over the edge to sew the cover.

4. Sew your mesh type fabric that holds the elastic back around all the edges making sure to leave a gap for the elastic. I used a long straight stitch.

5. Attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic and work it through the mesh. Sew the ends together after it’s pulled completely through. I also sprayed a scrap piece of fabric with adhesive and wrapped it around the stitched elastic for extra durability.