Toy Bags with Windows

By Tuesday, March 12, 2013 ,

I love to add clear windows to bags. It’s especially helpful for kid’s toys so they’re able to see what is in the bag. Another bonus I found that is my kids tend to put the toys back (without being told) after use if they have a special bag. I’m not sure why this is but I’ve tried Legos in drawers and boxes but they always wound up scattered everywhere. Put them in a bag a few months ago and haven’t stepped on a single Lego since, thank goodness! My poor feet are no longer paranoid about walking through the house in the dark anymore.
Materials Needed
  • Bag – any will do but I used a muslin backpack for these
  • Clear Vinyl – found in the fabric section, usually used for shower curtains/table clothes
  • Sewing machine, scissors & thread
(Click to Enlarge photo)
Step 1 - Determine the size window you want. Mark it on your bag.
Step 2 - Cut out where you marked using scissors. Then cut 1/4” into the corners. This is so you can fold the edges over.
Step 3 - Fold in your edges and iron them down if needed.
Step 4 - Cut a piece of vinyl large enough to cover hole + an additional 1/4”. Pin down to bag.
Step 5 - If your vinyl hangs in the machine a simple trick is to tape (scotch tape) the foot and metal plate, the tape will allow the vinyl to glide smoothly.
Step 6 - Sew around the edges.
Step 7 - If your bag doesn’t sit up by itself simply stitch a line on the inside corners. This will make it to where the bag will sit flatly on it’s bottom.
Step 8 (Optional) – I cut a Lego figure out on my Silhouette Cameo. Then ironed it on. If you’re using the bag for trucks then you could cut a truck out or puzzle piece for puzzles etc.