Vertical Succulent Frame

By Saturday, March 23, 2013

This is probably my first failed Pinterest project but it was completely my own fault….and over eagerness. So in this post I’ll be showing you what NOT to do as well as a better way to do it.

4 horizontal

I began by using a very large older frame. Which would have worked had I not expected it to support most of the weight. Basically you need to make the succulent box out of wood and wire and add the frame as a decoration, then it’ll work perfectly. It’s easier to show than tell so on to the instructions:


  • Frame
  • 1x2’s (amount depends on frame size)
  • Sheet of plywood, if you have a large frame get a very thick sheet
  • Moss
  • Dirt
  • Succulents
  • Chicken Wire
  • Hanging Hardware

I began by painting my frame and then coating it with a clear gloss to protect it some from moisture. My first mistake is seen below, attaching the wire to the frame using staples. I should have built my box first then attached the wire to it using staples. I used 1” spaced wire, my suggestion is to go with a smaller spaced wire because a lot of the dirt kept slipping through.

2 Vertical

Error #2 attaching the 1x2’s directly to the frame. Instead make the 1x2’s into your desired size and shape. Then attach the plywood onto the 1x2’s making a shallow box. Add your hanging hardware. Fill with dirt then moss and finally add your wire on top, stretched tightly. Once all that is done you can hook your frame on by whatever means work best and add the succulents.

2 Vertical2

Here is more of my disaster in action. I added the moss, then dirt and plywood. By this point I realized there was a problem and let my husband fix it later in the week but didn’t take photos. Add in the succulents, water until the soil is moist throughout but not soaking wet. Continue to keep soil moist for a few days but after the plants take root you can let the soil dry out before watering. It won’t take long for them to fill the entire box! Wait a few weeks before hanging to allow roots to stretch and hold the soil in place better.

2 Vertical3

4 horizontal2