Dog Crate Cover Tutorial

By Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dogs love to feel cozy and covered but throwing a blanket over a kennel isn’t exactly stylish and premade covers run $40+…. ouch. I went all out with designer fabric, piping and buttons. Total cost was $20 so making your own is definitely worth the savings and it’s super easy to do.

2 Vertical

My kennel is 24”x19”x18”, you may need different measurements depending on yours but the process is still the same. Just add 1/4” seam allowance to all sides if changing measurements.

Click image below to see the kennel I used:

Materials NeededThe piping, ribbon (to hold front down) and buttons are all optional. I had most of this on hand already so it made sense to use it. If you don’t a basic cover without all the frills will work just as well.

Step 1: Cut your fabric. I use 1/4” seam allowance around all my edges.

1 vertical

Step 2: Match up your pieces placing them right sides together with the piping in between on the edge (Use chart to see where to place piping). Sew all the edges with piping. Leave space for the top piece to turn right side out afterwards. You might be able to actually sew the piping and all the pieces together in one go. I just found it easier to sew the piping first then worry about attaching the pieces together later.


Step 3: Attach Front, Back, Side A & B to the top piece. Line up unsewn edges around the top piece (make sure the unsewn edges are underneath to hide them) sew around the entire top piece to secure them.

4 horizontal

Step 4: Sew Back to sides A & B by lining up the unsewn edges underneath and stitching.

Step 5: Sew buttons to Front piece and make a button hole in the ribbon (most machines have a foot and instructions for this, it’s super easy). Finish it by attaching ribbon to each sides A & B making sure it pulls the front piece snug against cage.

1 vertical 2 horizontal

1 vertical 2 horizontaBl

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